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Date of Birth: 7 June 1968

Country of Birth: The Netherlands, Australian citizen

Lives in Newport, Victoria 



Studio Stefan Gevers, Melbourne

Suki & Hugh Gallery, Bungendore NSW



Peter McCallum Centre

National Australia Bank 


Banyule Art Collection

State Library of Victoria & State Library of Queensland

Fundere Art Collection, Lowenstein

Private collections



A.K.I. School of Arts, Enschede, The Netherlands.

June 1989 – May 1993 / August 1998 – June 1999

Visual Arts and Mixed media. Bachelor of Arts.



2022 Suki & Hugh Gallery, Bungendore NSW, July Upcoming

2022 Lon Residency, Port Arlington, February

2020 Suki & Hugh Gallery, Bungendore NSW, Feb

2019 Den Fair, Melbourne, June

2018 Suki & Hugh Gallery, Canberra, Oct

2018 The Wall project space, NSW, April

2017 Gallery Smith Project Space, Nov

2017 Den Fair, Melbourne, June

2016 Graan Zolder, The Netherlands, Retrospective

2016 Den Fair, Melbourne, June

2016 Stockroom, Kyneton, VIC

2012 Stockroom, Kyneton, VIC

2010 Anita Traverso Gallery, Richmond

2008 Anita Traverso Gallery, Richmond

2005 Phaze3 Gallery, Newport

2003 Smyrnios Gallery, Melbourne

2002 Smyrnios Gallery, Melbourne

2000 Mass Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

1999 Campus, Enschede, The Netherlands

1992 A.K.I. Gallery, Enschede, The Netherlands

1991 A.K.I. Gallery, Enschede, The NetherlandsS



2020  Adaptation, Glassworks Canberra

2019  Banyule Art on Paper Award

2016 “PickMeUp”, London

2014 “Without a Shadow of a Dao”, Anita Traverso Gallery

     "Two" Just another project space, Prahran

2012 “At-Salon”, Anita Traverso Gallery, Richmond

2011 “You are here”, Stockroom, Kyneton.

     “Exchange”, Gatakers Space, Maryborough, QLD

     “Precursor”, Anita TraversoGallery,Richmond            

     Williamstown Art Award, Substation Newport

2009 Mt.Buller Art Award, ABOM, Mt Buller

     Shadow, Anita Traverso Gallery

2008 “Motor” , Docklands, Melbourne

2007 Tattersalls Contemporary Art Prize , Williamstown

    “Posted”, Yarra Sculpture Gallery

2006 Suburban Art Project, Melbourne

     The Motor Show , Melbourne

    “Metaphysics” Toyota Community Art,Port Melbourne 

     Conrad Jupiters Art Prize exhibition, Gold Coast

     Qdos Art Gallery, Lorne

     Williamstown Art award

     7-stories, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick

2004 City of Hobart Art Award, Hobart

     Ovens Street Studios 38 A, Melbourne

     Tattersalls Contemporary Art Prize , Williamstown

2003 Yering Station Sculpture Award

2002 Ovens Street Studio 38A, Melbourne

     Hermann's Art Award April 2001-2002, Sherman Galleries

2001 Craft Victoria, Ripped and Refined, Melbourne

2000 Swan Hill Print & Drawing prize, Swann Hill 

     Sally  Paddock’s Art prize, Patrizia Autore, 

     Fundere Art Prize, Melbourne

     Conrad Jupiters Art Prize exhibition, Gold Coast,

1999 The MUPI Project, Enschede, The Netherlands

     Campus, Enschede, The Netherlands

     Gallery M17, Enschede, The Netherlands

1993 A.K.I. Gallery, Enschede, The Netherlands

1992 UT Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands

1990 De Fabriek, Hengelo, The Netherlands



2022 Camberwell Art Prize, Best work on Paper

2019 Banyule Art Prize "Environment" Award 

2003 Yering Station Sculpture Award, Second prize

2004 Williamstown Local Artist Award



Crown Sydney Artist book 2020

Stamm, Semi-urban tragedy: The sad caravans of Stefan

Gevers by Mila Faranov,

Danny Huppatz – Natural Order essay

Star, Melbourne, Briar Sinclair 

Crafts Victoria, Melbourne, 2002, Kevin Murray

World Sculpture News, Vol.7 # 1 winter 2001, Roger Taylor.

Tctubantia, The Netherlands, 2000, Franklin Veldhuis.

Androgynic, The Netherlands,Henk Verschuren

Domain section, The Age, by Carol Nader, June 2000.

Tctubantia, The Netherlands, 5 September 2000.

Twentsche Courant, The Netherlands, June 1988.


Stefan Gevers 2016

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