Blue River_Stefan Gevers_104x104cm
Sound of Wind
Listening_Stefan Gevers_65x47cm_watercolour
Beginning_Stefan Gevers_135x95cm_watercolour
Stefan Gevers_Watercolour Master
SOLO Show Suki&Hugh
30 July - 4 September 2022
LON Artist in residence show
25 Feb - 10 April 2022
Free Watercolour Tutorials
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Adaptation - Glassworks Canberra
The Unseen project 2020
new watercolours
Illuminated Canvasses
collaboration Satelight
Suki & Hugh - Solo Show
Bungendore, NSW Feb 2019
Solo Show watercolours
Banyule Art ward 2019
Short listed &
Winner Environment Award
Latest work  - Watercolours
Watercolour Panoramas
The Wall art projects
Ulladulla, NSW April 2018
Project watercolour landscapes
Solo Show - Gallery Smith Project Space / Nov 2017
Gallery Smith Project Space
Netherlands - Dec 2016

Exhibit at Gallery De Zolder